Sunday, April 2, 2017

Haircuts Gone Bad. Pizza for General Conference!

A Day in Bogota
So this week was transfers.  My new companion is from Kaysville, Elder Ostler.  He's been out about 8 months in the mission field.  Elder Gregor left for a different area in Bogota.  I feel like the time is really starting to fly by.  This last companionship went so quickly.  Elder Gregor and I became pretty good friends by the time he left and we were working hard.  I felt like he left happy. 
Elder Ostler and I

We had a baptism on Saturday. Next week we have another one scheduled.   We knocked over 100 doors this week and only had 2 investigators.  We made some plans to work with the members so we will see how that goes and if we have better success. I've gotten use to walking up the mountain every day but I've worn out one pair of shoes already.  I sewed some new soles on them.  We will see how that works out.  If I need some new ones its easier to buy them here. Everything is a lot cheaper here, and if your smart you can find good quality stuff, especially leather is cheaper.

A couple of fun stories from the week!  
I got tired of paying for haircuts so I purchased my own set of hair clippers.  I don't have any idea what happened but half way through my trim the crazy hair clippers caught on FIRE!!!  Ha. Ha.  I had to walk it back to the store with a half-shaven head.  :)  I got better set of clippers so it's all good.  I look half bald in some of the pictures.  Blame it on the lighting and short hair.   I cut all the Elder's hair in my district this last week.  Luckily, theirs all turned out much better than mine did   :)

Another funny moment.  We were walking one day and it was raining and raining.  We didn't see it coming, but a bus drove by and splashed us--TOTALLY SOAKED us!  We were drenched, but just kept working.  What else can you do?  My shoes are still drying out. 

Bogota Jungle trails

My favorite scripture this week was in 2 Nephi 2: 24.  It is very simple, but something we too often forget.  It's what I remember when the mission gets hard, or when I miss home, or have insecurities for the future.  I have faith though.  Everything---challenges, trials, afflictions, are done in the Wisdom of God.  I know it can be tough to remember this at times of trials, but I know it to be true.

I'm so excited for General Conference.  I can't wait to hear all the apostles talk.  We get to watch General Conference in the bishops office and we get to watch it in English! I'm pretty excited. We plan on ordering Dominos Pizza on Saturday since we won't have the usual conference feast.   My new favorite talk of all time is by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, "Come what may and love it". Give it a read if you got time.  Can't wait to hear what you all like and learn!

I don't have tons of time today, but know how much I love you all.  I want you to know I am working my hardest. and I'm learning to enjoy even the bad parts of the days.   I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and I know this is His gospel.

Elder Donaldson

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  1. We have read Elder Wirthlin's talk so many times we have it memorized. It has been our go-to talk through some very difficult times. We love and pray for you every day Elder Donaldson!